Chet Matteson
R.I.'s own, Chet Matteson, has an extensive catalog of original songs. Chet is also versatile in playing covers from all genres, specializing in Rock, Blues, and Country music. All guaranteed to make you want to dance and sing along!
Chet's performances are known for masterful guitar playing, his bluesy, downhome vocals and contagious energy.
"My real passion is writing, recording and performing music and supporting others who do the same."  -  Chet Matteson
Available for:
  • Public venue appearances
  • Private parties
  • Hosting
  • Charity Events
  • Guitar Lessons
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Career Information
Debut album "Rev'd Up" available online.
**New Album "Love and Trouble" on CdBaby,Itunes, and 20 other sites **
Other highlights include:
 -Live Stream - of show performance on (95.1Fm)
 - Live Radio Interview about new Album (95.1FM)
 - Playing with Buddy Cage
 - Playing in Nashville
 - The release of patriotic song "Unity"
 - Opening for J. Geils and James Montegomery
 - "I Am Husky" song donation to Kents Hill School
 - Affiliation with The 1 of 52 Hunger Network
 - Affiliation with Gary Hopp & Friends

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